KFS Functions & Features

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  All Service Staff
  Service related
 30  minutes

Brief Description

  • Get to know in which ways devices can be registered to work with KFS. Learn about the different user profiles for people working with KFS and about the main tasks that can be accomplished using the solution.

Target Group

  • Service Technician, Sales Representative

Theoretical and practical contents

  • KFS Features
  • KFS User Interface Navigation
  • Working with groups and users
  • Working with devices
  • 5 different ways to register devices

After this training you will be able to…

  • identify the scope of KFS and its advantages
  • recognize the different ways to connect devices to KFS
  • explore real-life scenarios in which you can benefit from KFS
  • identify how KFS supports you in the different phases of MDS
  • recognize the value proposition for the service provider