Network Technology - Network components

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  All Service Staff
  Industry Standard Training
  50  minutes
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Brief Description

  • This course will provide you with a quick overview of active network components. You will also gain important information about router characteristics, routing protocols and the different components.

Target Group

  • Service Technician

Theoretical and practical contents

  •       • Repeater (OSI Layer 1)
          • Hub (OSI Layer 1)
          • Bridge (OSI Layer 2)
          • Switch (OSI Layer 2)
          • Router (OSI Layer 3)
          • Brouter (OSI Layer 2 & 3)
          • Other Network Appliances

After this training you will be able to…

  • After completing this course ...
  •       • you will know about the router‘s characteristics and fields of use, in addition to its advantages and disadvantages,
          • you will know what bridges and hubs there are, their functions and the different types,
          • you will know about routers and know how different routing protocols work,
          • you will know what a brouter is and in which situations it works like a router or a bridge,
          • you will know what “switching” is and how it works.